"SALINE RIVER" Linocut 1945   SOLD



Sven Birger Sandzén -- renowned for his iconic Colorado landscapes

Background Information:

Sven Birger Sandzén, landscape painter and printmaker, holds a high place in American art. He has been called the "American Van Gogh" though he did not see a Van Gogh until 1923 after he had established his enduring style.  Born in Bildsberg, Sweden in 1871, he painted in the Paris studio of Aman-Jean and George Seurat and was a founding member of the Prairie Printmakers Society. In 1994 he emigrated to Kansas where he was head of the art department at Bethany College, a Swedish-American college in Lindsborg, Kansas. His most iconic imagery was created during his summers spent in Colorado. Birger Sandzén has received critical acclaim as an American impressionist painter with works in the many U.S. and International collections including: Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden, Goteborg Art Gallery, Sweden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Art Institute of Chicago, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, MO, Denver Art Museum, CO and Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, CO.


Birger Sandzén's works are distinguished by their majestic lines and a modern, expressionist style. His oils feature a thick, textural, impasto, with the use of bold colorful brushstrokes.  Sandzén was also a talented printmaker, utilizing lithography, nailcuts and drypoint techniques on copper and zinc.  We are fortunate to offer many of the finest examples of Birger Sandzén's work, including the highly collectable linocuts.  All prints were made by Sandzén's hand and are signed. All are framed. 


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